The Dawn Bombs


Who Are THE Dawn Bombs?


If you took 3 jazz musicians steeped in Vampire Weekend's off kilter psych pop along with Local Natives alternative indie rock, you might get close to Bellingham's The Dawn Bombs.
Perfect for private candlelit evenings, festival circuits, or ideally dirty house shows, The Dawn Bombs craft left-field experimental doowop with intricate harmonies and complicated arrangements. It's the kind of pop you'd finally want to hear on your radio.


" For a band whose sound walks on a tight-rope between an enticing mathematical modulation of 50s pop, and dangerously sophisticated indie rock sentiments, there could not be a more fitting name. "

-Keenan Ketzner, What's Up Magazine



Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Benjamin Waight

Bass, Drums / Ruben Gomez



Greetings From...

by The Dawn Bombs

The Dawn Bombs' first EP, released January of 2017.