Hella Slouchy

by The Dawn Bombs

The Dawn Bombs' newest release, Hella Slouchy.

Enjoy a taste of our signature blend of indie rock, groovy pop and and sweet/savory homebaked fusion.

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Greetings From...

by The Dawn Bombs

The Dawn Bombs' first EP, released January of 2017.

Upcoming Shows:



Oct 11 - Makeshift , Bellingham, WA

Oct 19 - The Castle, Bellingham, WA

Dec 14 - The Firefly, Bellingham, WA

Please click here to contact us, or email us at thedawnbombs@gmail.com for booking inquiries.


Live at Le Voyeur - Olympia Mar/17/2017

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Who Are THE Dawn Bombs?


The Dawn Bombs make complex pop arrangements with lyrical and rhythmic emphases. Initially formed on a palate of jazz guitar, funk bass, and hip hop drums, their sound has expanded to include a wider range of influence and orchestration, keeping a shared drive to push the boundaries of traditional popcraft. They draw from an amalgam of such disparate musical backgrounds as barbershop, jazz, progressive rock, funk, and indie pop to create their own unique voice.

It's the kind of music you'd finally want to hear on your radio.


" For a band whose sound walks on a tight-rope between an enticing mathematical modulation of 50s pop, and dangerously sophisticated indie rock sentiments, there could not be a more fitting name. "

-Keenan Ketzner, What's Up Magazine



Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Benjamin Waight *

Bass, Vocals / Gideon Wolfe *

Vocals, Drums, Guitar / Will Luckensmeyer

Bass, Drums / Ruben Gomez

Vocals, Guitar / Molly Engelberg *

Drums / Alan Schellenberger *

Vocals, Drums / Erik Anders

* currently performing



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